Lotions & Gels


Tidal’s topicals are fast absorbing lotions with natural eucalyptus extracts that provide a pleasant cooling sensation similar to a gentle ocean breeze. Offered in a 60ml/2oz jar, Riva & Riva+ are CBD-only lotions and Tullia & Tullia+ are balanced lotions with equal parts THC & CBD.

Tidal’s Fire & Ice CBD Deep Tissue Roll-On, with 800mg of CBD in a 40ml bottle, is a high potency CBD roll-on gel designed to soothe achy muscles, relieve stiffness, and reduce pain and inflammation.


RIVA 200mg CBD
RIVA+ 400mg CBD


TULLIA 100mg CBD 100mg THC
TULLIA+ 200mg CBD 200mg THC


800mg in a 40ml bottle, which provides a pleasant warming and cooling sensation and allows for quick absorption and deep penetration

Lip Balms & Bath Bombs

Tidal’s innovative lip balms are each infused with 50mg of CBD along with replenishing calendula oil and cocoa butter to soothe and condition dry, chapped lips.

Our bath bombs are infused with bergamot and tangerine aromas, Tidal’s bath bombs are the perfect product for those that want to soak and rejuvenate.

CBD Lip Balm

50 mg CBD

Flavours available: vanilla, raspberry, coconut, natural, strawberry, cherry

Bath Bombs

Types Available:

Whirlpool – 100mg CBD
Tsunami – 100mg CBD & 50mg THC
High Tide Multi-Pack – 3x100mg CBD

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