Flexible, State-of-the-art


Our World Class Cultivation, Extraction, and Manufacturing Facility is Already Producing

Located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, our state-of-the-art facility features industry-leading best practices in cultivating and processing cannabis. Our hospital-grade indoor growing facility uses hydroponics in a perpetual grow system. This growing technique enables us to produce premium grade medical cannabis more efficiently and consistently. With 4 buildings with over 40 acres, our footprint will enable expansion, efficiencies, operational flexibility, and the capacity to undertake a variety of growing and process techniques to drive progress in the medical cannabis industry.

Fully Licensed

Fully licensed under current Canadian Cannabis Act Regulations for cultivation, processing and sales.

Comprehensive, On-Site, Manufacturing Solution

When all phases are complete our 120,000+ sq. ft facility will offer:


Plant tissue culture lab will be capable of producing genetically stable pathogen free starter materials.


Intensive hydroponic cultivation using strict environmental controls produces consistency of product. Heliospectra lighting combined with our ability to adjust environmental factors allow for maximization of cannabinoids and terpenes.


State of the art ethanol extraction system capable of 23,000 litres annual production of cannabis oil with high efficiency.   


40,000+ sq. ft. designated for medical grade, GMP-compliant production lines, producing cannabis infused edibles, ready-to-drink offerings, and capsules.