Flexible, State-of-the-art


Our World Class Cultivation, Extraction, and Manufacturing Facility is Already Producing

Located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, our state-of-the-art facility features industry-leading best practices in cultivating and processing cannabis. Our hospital-grade indoor growing facility applies the unique Dutch “Sea of Green” growing technique using Heliospectra LED system. This growing technique enables us to produce premium grade medical cannabis more efficiently and consistently. With recent land acquisitions and 4 buildings over 40 acres, our footprint will enable expansion, efficiencies, operational flexibility, and the capacity to undertake a variety of growing and process techniques to drive progress in the medical cannabis industry.

Fully Licensed

Licensed for cultivation, processing & sales under Cannabis Licenses

Tidal has accumulated 9 parcels of land in 12 months, encompassing over 50 acres at one address with a private road.

Comprehensive, On-Site, Manufacturing Solution

When all phases are complete in 2020, our 120,000+ sq. ft facility will offer:


Tissue culture lab utilizing advanced molecular methods to edit plant genomes and to support the development of new strains.


Unique “Sea of Green” cultivation method allows a shorter vegetation period, reduces HVAC requirements and heat produced, enabling a second tier of cultivation effectively doubling the footprint.


Fully enclosed, medical grade, ethanol extraction system that has an emulsion recovery efficiency of 85%, extraction efficiency of 98.6% and is capable of 10lbs/hour output.


40,000+ sq. ft. designated for medical grade, GMP-compliant production lines, producing cannabis infused edibles, ready-to-drink offerings, and capsules.