Dried Cannabis

Tidal Health Solutions was conceived by doctors with one simple idea as its foundation; provide a consistent supply of cannabis to people in need.  This concept drives our cultivation methods with a focus on quality instead of quantity. We perform an extended freshwater flush at the end of our flowering cycle to ensure our cannabis delivers a smooth experience. But we don’t stop there! Our small batch processes allow us to take the time to do a proper hang dry, followed by a hand-trim and slow cure to maximize the terpene profile and enhance flavour and aroma.

All products are available in 5g and 10g jars.

TIDAL BALANCED This hybrid offering has a delicate balance of CBD and THC. The dried flower is very smooth with a fruity aroma and herbal undertones. The combination of CBD and THC makes this product suitable for day-time or night-time usage. Typical range is 7-10% CBD and 4-7% THC.

TIDAL CBD A beautiful sativa- based, CBD rich strain with a light fruity aroma. The high CBD levels make it an excellent choice for those looking for the potential benefits of cannabis without intoxicating effects of THC. Typical range is 13 – 16% CBD and <1% THC. 

TIDAL THC With the distinctive earthy tones of myrcene, Tidal THC is an indica-dominant product known for its relaxing properties. Perfect for night-time usage, this product contains <1% CBD and 19 – 22% THC.

Cannabis Oil and Other Products

The future is golden! In an effort to diversify our product lines and help patients satisfy their wellness needs, Tidal is working diligently to produce a range of cannabis oil solutions. Our process uses a high-efficiency ethanol extractor that converts whole plant material into cannabis resin that will be the base of our many new products.