New Patient?

Welcome to Tidal Health Solutions!  Our easy registration process means there are just four quick steps to becoming a patient and having your medical cannabis shipped directly to your door.

Step 1 – See your healthcare practitioner to obtain a medical document.  The medical document contains a bit of extra information than a regular prescription, so you may need to complete our template that you can print from here if they don’t have one.

Step 2 – Print and complete our Patient Registration Form.  
If you are a Caregiver to a new patient or a Parent to a child under 18 years of age you will also need to complete the “Caregiver” form.

Step 2B – Veterans:
Tidal Health Solutions is happy to work with Veterans to offer up-front coverage for the cost of cannabis for veterans covered under Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).
VAC will cover up to $8.50/gram and Tidal Health will cover the remainder. If you are a veteran looking for coverage please complete the Veterans Affairs Canada form below and send to us by mail or email at

Step 3 – Send us your forms.  You need to send us your registration form and the original medical document (no copies allowed).  Some doctors may fax us the medical document on your behalf, but you still need to send us the signed registration form via mail or email.
Mailing Address:
Tidal Health Solutions
PO Box 10, St Stephen NB E3L 2W9

Step 4 – Place your order!  Once we receive your paperwork, we will register you right away and notify you once we have the process complete.  You can then place your order on-line or over the phone and we will ship your order usually the same day.  
For more information on shipping times and costs, click here

If you require help at any point along the process please reach out to our Customer Service team at 1-833-275-1420 or