Patient Info

Cannabis Usage:
Tidal is proud of our product offering, but Cannabis may not be for everyone. Health Canada has published recommendations for use of cannabis and some of the risks associated.
Before you start using cannabis take a look at the guide and remember; start low and go slow.
You can find the Health Canada recommendations here

Treatment can be expensive if you don’t have medical coverage available.
Tidal Health Solutions is pleased to be able to provide a compassionate 20% discount to certain groups.
If you fall into any of the categories below, please reach out to us by phone or email regarding your eligibility!
1-833-275-1420 or

  1. Seniors (65 and over)
  2. First Responders (This includes police, fire and paramedics)
  3. Compassionate care pricing. If you’re living on a tight budget (less than $30,000 annually) we can help you out. 

Tidal Health Solutions is happy to work with Veterans to offer up-front coverage for the cost of cannabis for veterans covered under Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).
VAC will cover up to $8.50/gram and Tidal Health will cover the remainder. If you are a veteran looking for coverage please complete the Veterans Affairs Canada form below and send to us by mail or email at

Shipping Policy:
Tidal offers a competitive shipping policy through Purolator and is looking to add more carriers.
We currently guarantee 2-day delivery within the Maritimes.
If you order before 1pm AST or 12pm EST, your order will go out for shipping that same day!